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Vote for Calling on TRL 
12:30am 06/05/2006
  Okay, I'm not sure if anyone still pays any attention to this community, but I figured I'd post this anyways.

The Taproot Message Board has decided that we need to get Taproot onto TRL 'cause they effing deserve it!

[Personally, I hate MTV, but apparently people still watch TRL & what better way to help support the band than get a bunch of people to see the video on TRL?]

Check out the flyer below and vote for Taproot's "Calling" on TRL.
You know I'd love you forever if you did!

[If you need the URL for the flyer its: www.sparklystephy.com/taproot/pics/trpromo.jpg]
Thanks so much everyone!!
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05:28pm 14/08/2005
  Hi all i just joined names beth :)

I bring som gifts sooner or later it depends when my internet stops being a butt pirate

Se ya.
11:27pm 09/08/2005
mood: busy
Went to the Orlando FL show last night. My first Taproot show. They were so awesome. Stephen jumped off the second floor, like he did at a show in NY. Just thought I'd let everyone know. Also, if you're on the fence as to whether you want to see them on the rest of their ride with Chevelle, DO IT! After tonight you won't see 30 seconds to mars, but still try to go see Stephen and the boys rock it with Chevelle. Its well worth it.
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"Calling" Video Premiere. 
02:59pm 05/08/2005
  You can watch the video for Taproot's first single off of Blue Sky Research here.  
***Layout Submission*** 
12:25am 05/08/2005
mood: thankful
Hey you guys, community owner here. Long time no speak. So anyways, sorry I haven't taken care of this community, all the pics and stuff have been fucked up for how long now? haha But alot of things have been going on and I haven't been on live journal much at all. I feel bad about the layout, I think yall deserve it to look better. But unfortunetly I don't think I'll have the time to make it look all nice like I would like to and my computer isn't quite up to par. So I'm asking for your help =)

For anyone wanting to send layout submissions you can either choose to submit the layout in HTML form or submit a preview of the layout with photos to me at xhivaliciousx@aol.com.
Me and my co-creator will go through them and choose the one we think is best. Who ever gets chosen gets full credit on the info page.

Thanks for the help =)


If anyone wants to sumbit any nice icons, you can send them in to xhivaliciousx@aol.com. Which ever gets chosen will also get credit on the info page.

Thanks again!
Win Tickets to Tomorrow's Taproot show in NYC! 
02:48pm 02/08/2005
  Mammoth Press is giving away 2 sets of tickets to Taproot tomorrow in NYC!


Act Fast!
11:42pm 29/06/2005




the last song is such a crap... that makes me really sad =P
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02:03pm 27/06/2005
  Pass this Taproot Ecard to anyone you know. It includes footage, photos, and lots more! Pass this link to nay fans you know, and tell them to do the same thing in IM, email, messageboards, whatever.

02:20pm 21/06/2005
mood: chipper
Blue-Sky Research is slated to be these songs:

01.So Eager 02.What's Left 03.Promise 04.Forever Endeavor 05.Who's To Say 06.Birthday 07.She 08.Violent Seas 09.Stay Away 10.Calling 11.June

They collaborated with Stephen Carpenter of Deftones as well as Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan
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02:34am 03/06/2005
mood: awake
Jul 9 2005 8:00P
Egyptian Indianapolis, IN
Jul 12 2005 8:00P
Orbit Grand Rapids, MI
Jul 14 2005 8:00P
Piere's Ft. Wayne, IN
Jul 15 2005 8:00P
House of Blues Cleveland, OH
Jul 16 2005 8:00P
Bogart's Cincinnati, OH
Jul 18 2005 8:00P
Headliners Toledo, OH
Jul 21 2005 8:00P
Hampton Beach Casino Hampton Beach, NH
Jul 22 2005 8:00P
Pearl Street North Hampton, MA
Jul 23 2005 8:00P
House of Blues Atlantic City, NJ
Jul 26 2005 8:00P
Bay Center Dewey Beach, DE
Jul 28 2005 8:00P
Radio Show Norfolk, VA
Jul 29 2005 8:00P
Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
Aug 1 2005 8:00P
State Theatre Portland, ME
Aug 2 2005 8:00P
The Roxy Boston, MA
Aug 5 2005 8:00P
House of Blues Myrtle Beach, SC
Aug 6 2005 8:00P
99x Radio Show Atlanta, GA
Aug 8 2005 8:00P
House of Blues Orlando, FL
Aug 9 2005 8:00P
Jannus Landing Tampa, FL
Aug 11 2005 8:00P
Sloss Furnace Birmingham, AL

Don't forget to check out Facepeeler which can be heard at taprootmusic.com or myspace.com/taproot
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05:11am 10/05/2005
mood: disappointed
I'm a bit dismayed Blue Sky Research's release date is postponed from June to August 16, but it should have been expected I guess, and it's still nice to have a definite date.
So the countdown begins anew....
I'm new, by the way. Hi.
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Blue Sky Research Teaser. 
08:59pm 14/03/2005
  Just a heads up: Head over to taprootmusic.com to hear a Blue Sky Research teaser. Very pretty.

02:31am 05/03/2005
mood: content
Something to share.Collapse )
03:50pm 18/02/2005

I thought I'd plug my radio show here. It's a modern rock show airing every friday night at 10-12 EST. You can listen here:


Tentative play list for tonight may include...

Tub Ring
The Postman Syndrome
Day One Symphony
Dearly Departed
The Felix Culpa
Ben Kenny
At The Drive In
Circa Survive
Cave In
Oh My God
Skeleton Key
and....The Cooper Temple Clause.

Tell your friends.
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01:51am 29/01/2005
mood: cranky
I have heard that TapRoot's new album will be called Blue Sky Research and it is supposed to be out in May or June.
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07:41pm 25/12/2004
mood: bouncy
Promotion...sorry if it isn't allowedCollapse )
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For Chevelle fans as well.. 
10:22am 22/09/2004
mood: :P
This is an interesting Yahoo group that discusses the odd questions pondered by us fans

Click here to join petestoolbox

Click to join petestoolbox

12:11pm 17/09/2004
mood: Bouncin off the walls
I'm a Newbie and I have gifts :P

Smiles scarring my skinCollapse )
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08:09pm 19/08/2004
  I'm selling my taproot jacket.
I bought it about three years ago or so.
I'm pretty sure they don't make it anymore.
It's in perfect condition.



fifteen dollars + three for shipping. 18 dollars.

If you're interested email me or something.
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08:25pm 03/08/2004
  hey guys.. i just wanted you to all know i started a community for the band _nonpoint_!

they fuckin rock... their 3rd cd Recoil came out today and its amazing.. come and check it out... the more the merrier